Office Manager


Office Manager


Our client, a leading Law firm in Umhlanga, is looking for an Office Manager

• Control all Admin Including IT Department and Outsourced cleaning staff
• Delegate specific duties where necessary
• Chair Daily 8:00am Admin meeting
• Attend IT Meetings
• Use Company Credit Card for online shopping (eg: Nespresso, Takealot, Makro and Purchasing or renewing software licences for specialised computer programs
• Cell Phones (In all aspects – dealing with MTN & Vodacom – Billing staff etc…Report unusually high voice or data use)
• Control stock of cell phones, Dictaphones, Allocate and/ or recover same
(Analyse accounts migrate packages if warranted for greater savings)
• Ensure voice and data links running – Telkom lines & Gijima Ast (Switchboard) Dictaphones (In all aspects)
• Monitor Access control, vehicle tracking and act on issues arising (over speeding, harsh braking and trip details if necessary)
• General Running of building & sorting out snags – maintenance, plumbing, lights, garden cleaning, painting etc. Instruct relevant service providers
• Liase with all service providers (eg: Cleaning Company, A/C, Guarding Services. Fire services, catering, generator etc..
• Daily Vehicle control – monitoring, identifying problem areas (i.e.: abuse, fuel consumption, replacement of vehicle etc) Ensure vehicles are serviced when due
• Office machines & equipment (same as vehicles – liaise with suppliers) Quotes for New
• Office machines & furniture (Same as vehicles – liaise with suppliers)
• Monitor and report on abnormally high printing specifically excessive color usage
• Monitor security guards & reports any lapse in service
• Sign Off Stationary, Maintenance & Suppliers Invoices
• Monitor & Update suppliers spend monthly (For BBEE)
• Monitor CCTV when necessary
• Landline (PABX) Survey Least-Cost-Routing services – telephone management monitoring (Meet & consider Different proposals and advice accordingly)
• Ensure Fire Equipment checked & serviced
• Control messengers & meet same on a regular basis attend to any valid problems they may have (Buy Uniform, shoes on an annual basis)
• Identify redundant furniture & fittings & arrange for these to be sent to auction
• Arrange with furniture suppliers for quotes for new requirements and if acceptable sign off on same
• Also arrange for servicing/repairs on office furniture (eg: re-gas strut unit on office chairs)
• Update BEE procument, supplier and enterprise development management and ownership details
• Ensure our suppliers BBEE certificates or affidavits are up to date
• Oversea archiving team, monitor the costs of storage and movement of boxes/files to and from Metrofile
• Engage with Heads of Departments for them to sign off on the destruction lists of files (Files that have been in an archived state for 5 years or longer)
• Return copies of past BBEE audits
• Keep copies of company leases and services contracts
• Order business cards and letterheads when necessary
• Control and produce year-end stationary stock list for auditors
• Liaise with Directors, professionals and other members of staff on any issues they may have with the building or admin service
• Communicate with our professional’s lunch caterer when necessary
• Order Christmas tree and advise the department that is decorating it that it has arrived
• Order next year’s diaries from Highway Hospice

Salary: R 20K CTC


Contact Person: Tracy-Jayne Tomlinson

Tel: 031 303 6225

Email Address: